Thursday, July 16, 2009

Loving Hands Embroidery Project

I took Amilia's Loving Hands piece and photocopied it to transfer onto some yellow linen (left over from my porch swing project). In keeping with this week's Change The World Wednesday challenge and my Hoarders Unite July Challenge, none of the tools or materials were purchased new for this project. They are from my hoard (supplies stash).I do not have any transfer paper or other nifty transfer device, so I decided to use the ol' stipple method. I pinned the sheet to my linen cloth, then pierced holes in her design. I then used an orange permanent marker (because I am/was planning to use orange thread for the embroidery) to make a mark in each of the holes.VoilĂ ! Now I have the design on my fabric. I'm sure I could have used fabric marker or other quilting marking pencil, but Sharpie is my friend, so I accepted its help.Next, I placed my embroidery hoop and began threading.I have chosen to use a mix of orange and sage, and it is yet to be determined how this will turn out on Amilia's small hand. The dots are somewhat visible under the sage thread, even though I am using 3 strands of floss, but my vision is to give it a twisted cord effect with orange on top. I am using an outline (stem) stitch in sage, then I am planning to whip it (whipstitch over outline stitch) in orange. If you want to see a how-to, I found an explanation at

Are you in suspense yet?
Stay tuned for the Final Product...


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Member Feature: Nancy

I am still writing all the posts myself, so we do not yet have daily posts. However, the plan is to have no less than three per week, and this week, I have not made the quota. If you want to exercise your writing muscle by guest posting, drop me an email!

Nancy is always willing to be involved, engage in challenges, and is always chipping away at her hoard. She has two shops on Etsy and one on Artfire, and maybe more that I have missed. Her items on Etsy carry the 'teamhoardersunite' tag, and many also sport our badge. If you have not yet begun to use the badge, but you would like to, you can find it on our Yahoo Groups Page. It is in the Files section, and is called HUavatar3.jpg.

Victorian Visions by Nanalee on Etsy carries a mix of vintage and vintage inspired items that are a must see. I love this 1934 boxed card game of Rook!There is also a green and white crocheted vintage apron that I have my eye on. It would go great paired with her cocktail button ring for some retro-kitchen-bread-baking photo ops. You could get in a good game of Rook while the bread bakes and fills the house with the aromas of bygone days.

Her second Etsy shop called The Mail Bag carries cards, bookmarks, desk accessories, gift tags and other needful paper items.Do you know someone who has had a recent accomplishment? Opened an Etsy store? Started a blog? Made the advanced drama class? Had a baby? This card is for you - - for them. Just proud of your teen for a job well done? Congratulate her (and include a coupon for unlimited hugs and kudos). This card is happy, upbeat, colorful, and right in your budget!

You might also want to visit Nancy on Artfire at The Chickadees' Nest to snap up a lovely vintage tea setting for your curio cabinet. Or, you might want to use this beautiful cup on your deck in the early morning to sip coffee or tea and watch the birds flutter in their birdbath.Either way, it will lift your spirits to hold this delicate vintage piece. Even more so if you have an equally delicate crocheted doily upon which to display your find.

Wander on over and support your fellow hoarder...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Featured Artist Friday

While the works of this artist are not yet available on Etsy or Artfire or 1000 Markets, I think it is important to nurture budding young artists and encouraging their continued growth. In that spirit, I give you this feature.

Today, our featured artist is Amilia. Her works are currently on display at Deer Palace, and are being kept in a private collection. She plans to make some works available for purchase in the future, and to further develop a current series on which she is working into a gallery showing.
(the whale)

She loves the use of color and line shape in her drawings. She likes to experiment with movement, line depth, and shading to convey expression.

(robot #6)

She draws inspiration from daily occurrences and the images she finds all around her, and rarely passes a day without working on a creation.

(Mom,Dad, & Scarecrow)
(missing mom)

She is currently working on a series about hands and the many ways they interact with the world.

(loving hands)(marriage of hands)

Upcoming projects include illustrating a childrens' tale, and rewriting and illustrating her own first book.

If you have artwork by a budding artist that you would like turned into a wearable piece, visit Analiese on Etsy! Or visit where you can have a picture of your child's turned into a hand embroidered pillow.

Etsy shops by child artists:
Age 9: Lauren's Castle
Age 9: Little Banana Bug

Have you viewed the world through your Artist's eye today?