Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Signs of Spring

Adding to Nancy's great finds, here are a few of my favourites from the Hoarders Unite Team that remind me of spring.

Lace heart original drawing from I Dream in Ink

A religious ornament from NoelBelles

Lampwork beads from Julie's Little Bits

embellished paperweight by Blueberry Manor

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Labels Anyone?
A few weeks ago, I described the terrific auction lot of sewing notions that I won for next to nothing. Well, included in that stash was a little bag of more than 100 clothing labels. All had been carefully removed, and many were from men’s clothing.

Not knowing what I might be able to do with them, I threw them in the wastebasket.

Less than an hour later, I retrieved them. I thought, if someone had gone to all the bother to remove and save them, there must be a project there somewhere! So, I carefully washed and ironed the lot of them, and started thinking about projects. I wish I could talk to whoever was saving them, to know what she had in mind, because I’m at a bit of a loss.

I did come up with one really cute use – what a great embellishment for little doll jeans!

If you have some ideas about how the rest could be used, I'd love to hear them!

This must confirm my membership in the Hoarders Unite group - not only can I not get rid of any of my own stash, now it seems I can’t get rid of someone else’s stash either!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I thought it would be fun to feature some spring colored items from the Hoarders Unite Team.

This is a bracelet by Juliesparklybits. Very pretty, Julie. I love the soft colors and I love the look of having so many items on the bracelet.

Here is a clothespin bag from GenevaDesigns. So colorful and with cute mushrooms all over it. I used to love hanging the clothes out to dry. Now I don't have a place to do that. I remember how good the clothes smell after hanging out to dry.

MyInnerPrincess offers these beautiful hooks. I just love the colors! Gorgeous!                             


And here is a definite sign of spring, a lilac colored sundress! Could you make that in my size, please? This adorable dress made for an 18" doll comes from Whoaitsme.


Well, I had to add one of my things... It's a spring banner for your cubicle at work or ??? You decide. It is made with vintage cards. Oh, its in my shop, Nanalee.
This is a very springy card made by idreaminink. I'm sure we're all thinking about our flower pots and wondering if its too early to plant them. Nice card!
I hope you enjoyed the little romp through some of the items made by team members. If you'd like to see more, go to Etsy, do a search in the "buy" section and type in "hoarders-uniteteam." You'll find all kinds of goodies from our talented members!

PS~I've never been on a front page...sniff, sniff. But my congratulations to ALL who have! How awesome!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Front Page Club News

I have decided to do a post here every time a member makes the front page in 2010. Our own MadameTeasley of Le Boudoir Secret has done it again! Her Grandmother's China- enameled pink rose earrings were there on March 6 at 7:am.

I remember reading that she had changed her photo technique some time ago, and began using that wonderful script background in an effort to gain more exposure and sales. I think that strategy has worked well, and the script lends an elegance to the photo that really showcases the aesthetic value of her items.

Congratulations on your appearance in such a beautiful front page collection!



Monday, March 8, 2010

Etsy Front Page Club

Our team has hit a wonderful stride lately, with a growing number of front page features. I found the other day that we can now add ElephantWalk to that distinguished list of Etsy Front Pagers. Her Miniature Snow White Necklace made it to the front page on February 27.

The Etsy Front Page Club. Congratulations, ElephantWalk on becoming an honorary member of the club!

Get the screenshot from CraftCult if you want to share it on your own blog or web page.

Now, the question for the group is: How do we convert front pages and an explosion of shop views into SALES? This economy is tough, tough, tough, and it is an even bigger struggle to convert views to sales than in the past. We will explore this further in the coming months. Meanwhile, good luck to all team members on a higher sales year in 2010.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Etsy Front Page News!

It seems that CigarBoxBeads is also famous! Her Just Before Dawn 3 strand Copper and Gem Necklace was on the front page on March 2. Congratulations again to Marilyn! Really, you must share your secret for success. And your photography technique!

I think it is wonderful that we have member shops making it to the front page! Let it be known that our hoard stash is Front Page Worthy!

I've done a little more digging, and found at least one more member who has been on the front page recently...look for that post, coming soon!

Go Team!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Etsy Front Page News!

Well, fellow craft supply hoarders, it seems it does pay to hold onto those items! Because, if you have enough vintage stash, you might be able to create a unique item that will wow the powers that be (AKA: the front page assimilators) on Etsy and land yourself right on the FRONT PAGE.

That is just what Marilyn of Such and Sort did yesterday with her Super Shabby Zipper Fabric Cuff. See it, right there in row 2? I ran across it by accident last night. I was closing down the computer for the night, and I just did a quick refresh of Etsy for the sake of inspirational dreams, and I was compelled to click on this zippery cuff. I didn't even realize it was a shop I knew until I was at the shop looking at the item. Then, I went (in my mind, of course) "Hoppin' Hoopleheads! That is suchandsort's item...and she is a member of the team!!"

Happily, I caught a screenshot, but I am using the shot from Craft Cult for purposes of this post. Congratulations, Marilyn! (now you can add this so very cool badge (above left) on your product page. There are a few styles from which to choose. Get the badge (here).

You can also view the screenshot and information on CraftCult in The Vault (here). If anybody else wants to share this screenshot and information on their blog, go to CraftCult and grab this widget.

Who will be next?


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Katy, of Girl Industries fame, is one of our members. I read her blog and she mentioned a project whereby a guy is collecting giraffes. Drawings or ?? of giraffes. He told his friend that he thought he could gather 1 million giraffes by 2011. So he has a website and he has posted a "Giraffe of the Day" since he started this project. Some of these giraffes are amazing! There are rules but anyone can contribute to the project.

Here is the link for the website about the project and where you can see some of these giraffes:
There have been 607,425 photos of various giraffes received so far. There are 302 days left. 

Here is the link for the rules:

Basically the rules are that you cannot use your computer to make the giraffe but you can use any other way or form. (You will use the computer to send the giraffe to him, though.)

Here is the giraffe of the day for #265.

And day #264.

This is the Giraffe of the Day #259.

As you can see, people are being very creative. You will be amazed at the cleverness and maybe you will want to use some of your hoarded goodies to make a giraffe. You might be the honorable Giraffe of the Day! I'm planning to make one and I'll post it here for you to see once it has been completed.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter Olympics Come to a Close

I normally try to post to the Hoarders Unite blog on Sundays, but yesterday it was time to celebrate the Vancouver Winter Olympics! I had planned to profile the team’s Canadian members today, but was surprised to find that I appear to be the only one. So instead, here are a couple of photos I took at the women’s curling event I attended (their first games).

The team from the USA
and the Canadian team.

Being in the bleachers was so much fun! Ultimately, the team from Sweden won gold, and Canada took silver.

I wish you could all have attended the Games – what a fun and exciting time it was in Vancouver!