Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome One and All

to our very own Etsy team blog. I finally decided that it wouldn't take THAT much time to keep a blog, and it might be a more visually pleasing way to display our work, challenges, links, and whatnot. Yes?

So, more about getting involved...who would like to post to this blog? Perhaps we could split it up, and we could have a different person post for each day of the week?

We could make it easy with a simple format to follow for those times when we don't have a particular inspiration:

Memories Monday: vintage and vintage inspired
Tuesdays: ? what ideas for Tuesdays?
Wednesdays: Craft the World (how we can help the environment with our eco friendly hoard) or Word Wednesday
Thursday: ? what ideas for Thursday?
Friday: Featured Artist Friday or Featured Blog Friday
Saturday Sharing: what tutorials, tips, tools instruction, or other helpful ideas do you have?
The Sunday Hoard: Silent Sunday photos of you craft stash/studio/projects

Lastly, this team was begun as an Etsy team, but I know that many of you also have Artfire, 1000 Markets, and/or other shops also. I, personally, am not selling in any shop right now. So this blog is for Hoarders Unite (Universal). That means that you do not have to limit it to Etsy topics.

Happy Hoarding!

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  1. Thoughtful Thursday?
    I'll help out, just assign something to me.