Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

It's that time again...changing the world, one Wednesday at a time. I am going to make this our regular Wednesday post here at Hoarders Unite. We are eco-friendly as a group, since our mission statement is to use up stash to curb consumerism and hoarding, after all. This week, we are doing it with a snazzy new logo. If you click on the logo, you will be taken to Reduce Footprints' blog (the creator of this challenge) to see all the official stuff like rules and such. Do you like the change? Answer my poll on NatureWithMe in the right hand column...

Last week was composting, and otherwise reducing your contributions to the landfill. Though I did not create a new post this week for it, I did follow the challenge by continuing to compost and recycle. We took our twice yearly trip to the dump (we do not have municipal trash pickup) and got rid of the things we could not compost, upcycle, recycle, freecycle, or otherwise use or donate. How did you do with the challenge? If you need composting tips, you can read my older posts here and here.

Now, for this week's challenge:

This week's challenge comes from one of our new bloggy friends, Millenniumhealth, at ... well ... Millenniumhealth. It's an easy activity and once again shows us that small actions matter ... especially when we all do them. Here it is:

This week, put your computer to sleep or set it to hibernate when it's not in use. If you need help in doing this, check out these sites:

Use Standby and Hibernate

Manually Put Your Computer Into Hibernation

Or ...

Typically, if you're already doing the first part of the challenge, I ask you to write about it on your blog. This week, however, we're going to do something different. If you are already in the habit of putting your computer to sleep or turning it off when you're not using it, look around your home and identify one other "sneaky" area that uses electricity. Come back here and, in the comments section, tell us what it is and how you'll either eliminate it or reduce it.


I started this last night by shutting completely down for the night. I would like to see a change in my energy bill to reflect the environmental love I am sending out!

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  1. I already turn off the computer at night, but not the printer. So I'll make it a point to turn the printer off. I already unplug items (like the toaster) for two reasons: save electricity and fire prevention.

  2. Sinclair, I made another 'badge' for the Hoarders Unite team - I have a problem with orange and wanted something different. I would like to share it. Where should I post it?

  3. I left a comment on your blog(s) also: you can put it on the Yahoo Groups page in the files section. That is where our other avatar is located.