Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Banner and Badge

Nancy (of themailbag.etsy and nanalee.etsy) and I decided that we needed a bit of a sprucing up regarding our banner, badge, and colors. Nancy created a nice celtic badge that is available on our Yahoo Groups page, and I had a new banner and badge made by Custom Graphics on Etsy.

The banner and badge were created with a font that I very much like, but it does not come with any possibility of upper case H and U, so these will be sent anew with a corrected font within a few days. I do hope you all like the change. I will upload the badge and banner with the corrected font as soon as I receive it. I will be notifying Etsy teams support also, so they can update our team profile page. Feel free to grab the badge if you like, either from the blog or from the Yahoo Groups page.

Post Edit: It appears we will be keeping the font as is for the time being. If it becomes a problem in the future, or active group members would like a change, we will look at another remodel at that time.


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