Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Before the Plastic Bin...

(photo via Martha Stewart.com)

Here is what I want to know: what did people use to get organized before the advent of The Plastic Bin? Wood? Cardboard? Bookshelves? Other shelving?

I have too many items for the size of my home. Of course. That is the entire reason for this group/Etsy team in the first place. My problem with plastic bins is that they do not leave my items accessible to use. So, I keep a lot of items out for easy use, and that creates clutter.

Also, if the bins are stacked on top of each other, their lids eventually bow inward, and they no longer fit correctly. They also allow the bins on top to lean over time. Plastic bins are created in planned obsolescence, so break down over time and then clog up landfills.

Why do I use them? I do not have a lot of extra money to purchase shelving, and I don't have the room to put shelving if I had some. Plastic bins are cheaper in the short run. Cloth bins are too expensive and don't have lids. But I bet Martha would suggest Metro Shelving with cloth bins stacked on the shelves. Wouldn't that be nice?

How do you stay organized?


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  1. Unfortunately, I have the same problem - too much stuff for too small a home. Too little money for proper shelving so plastic bins it is. I do have some of my items in those plastic shelves with wheels, too. Those are in my craft/office room. In the living area I use old suitcases and hat boxes along with baskets in the entertainment center. Yet with all that, I still have clutter. Woe is me!