Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I don't think we have had a challenge in awhile. Is anyone up for it? I think I can finally do something crafty. Last time I think I challenged you to get an art journal and do something or write something in it every day. I didn't do that challenge since I was in the process of moving away and had none of my craft/art supplies available.

Perhaps a challenge to ourselves is an idea. Something you've been putting off starting, something you don't like to do, what would you challenge yourself to do?

I challenge myself to finish the Christmas trees I started two years or was it three? years ago!!

Here's a photo of the trees in their half finished state...


  1. I'm up for it - I have 2 projects I never finished, one is a Unicorn crocheted wall hanging for my daughter and the other one is a crocheted evening bag. Both are sitting in my workroom, looking forlorn. How long do we have to finish??

  2. That sounds good, and do-able! I am in...I have several projects that are begun and need finishing...will have to identify which will be my CHALLENGE projects to finish.

  3. Hi, Nancy, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! So sorry it has taken me so long to respond, my email address has changed and I didn't realize there was a comment there in that blog. Life is much more fun now! I am working more on ME now and not on THEM!!!!!
    Love ya!!!!!

  4. Count me in too. I have SO many half-finished projects. Ugh...

  5. Since we are challenging ourselves, I think we should also set the date for our completion of the challenge projects! My trees: finish by Halloween. That way I can get them to a market to sell right when the holiday decorations start showing up in the stores.