Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I wrote about whether or not to make resolutions...and I've thought about it a lot. Here's what I've decided. I'll be making New Year's "Suggestions" this year!!

And we've been talking a lot about challenges. Trudy suggested we do something related to our group, i.e., hoarding and we were to answer here, in front of the group, what we would be doing. And take photos. Some of you have already done so, in the comments after her post the other day.

I, too, had been thinking about a challenge like we did last year when the group started. We were going to do something every month and we started by posting the photos of what we did in the Yahoo Groups.

We are all so unique, have different talents and skill levels, so rather than assign a certain item to make, I thought it would be fun to make something in a theme, or a color. Blue is a good color to use for January. So, if you are up for it, I have a further challenge to add to Trudy's. Make something with ONLY items you already have, no buying anything else to add to it. It can be anything you want to make but it has to be predominantly blue. Then post your photo at the Yahoo Groups site. I'll make an album just for the challenge. Annnndddddd.... I will offer a prize!  Everyone who participates in the Blue Challenge will get their name put in a hat and I'll send a prize to the winner!!

We can do two things at once, I can multi-task, how about you?

And for Trudy's challenge, I will clean up the mess I call my workshop/room. I'll take a before photo and progress as I go along. Yikes. You meant Valentine's Day of 2011, didn't you, Trudy?


  1. I'm in! I have "a bit" of blue fabric, so I'm sure I can think of something interesting to make. So, the photo needs to be posted to the yahoo Hoarders site by January 31?

  2. Sounds good. And I'll do an e-mail to everyone through the Yahoo Groups, too, about it. And I've taken the photos of my MESS, i.e., your challenge. Oh, it's bad...

  3. I can multitask, and I have some blue yarn waiting to be used!

  4. Believe it or not, I have no idea what I'm going to do for my challenge! I didn't have anything in mind when I chose the "Blue" theme. Silly me, I could have had it all planned out, but now I have to think hard!!