Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Do you remember that saying? I believe it was one of the Mary Engelbreit phrases. I used to get "Home Companion" the magazine for Mary Engelbreit and suddenly they quit publishing it. I loved it and was saddened over its demise. *sigh*

Anyhoo, here is is nearing the end of February and I have not even begun my February Challenge, Purple. Shame on me. This month has had so much going on that I haven't even a clue of what I was planning to make! And, as I am not "at home" this week, was not home last week, was sick the previous week, I'm thinking I am not going to be entered in the contest at all!!

Speaking about challenges, I need your mailing address, Gretchen. You won the Jan. challenge and I'd like to send the prize to you. I haven't had a computer to use for awhile and if you sent it via the Groups, thank you, I'll find it and mail the prize whenever I get home.

My shops are "on vacation" right now, due to a family emergency after being gone a week at the beach. But how are the rest of you doing in the sales department? How are you faring in your challenge to use only items you already have?

I bought a Sew Beautiful magazine with ribbon roses all over the front of it. I am so excited to learn o make all different kinds of ribbon roses. I do know how to make some, but this will give me such a variety that I am beside myself. I have tons of ribbon at home but I don't know if it is the correct type and won't know until I am at home with the magazine in front of me in my workroom. Stay tuned...

So for now, happy sales and happy hoarding to you!


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