Thursday, February 11, 2010


I like to look at the shops of fellow team members on Etsy now and then to see what is new. This week I'll look at items with the color red, or items that are for Valentine's Day, since it is only a few days away.

I really like these red hearts from Julieslittlebits. In fact, I like them so much, I'm going to buy them when I am finished with this post!

And look at this scarf by Climpiecraft. This is so pretty with the browns, tans and red. Very attractive! It is available in other colors and it is a generous 78" long, long enough to wrap around your neck three times!
Here's a knitted book purse by Blackbeancrafts. I like the idea of my book being protected. I'm always tossing it on the floor of the car, or stuffing it in my purse. Footprints and dog ears are so distracting! LOL! This cranberry knit purse would protect my book. I don't normally read books that would be an embarrassment to me, but if a person didn't want people to see the book, this purse would be like the "plain brown wrapper" only prettier! And, its fully washable!!

A spinner heart necklace by madameteasley. Kind of like the proverbial daisy, "loves me, loves me not" only this is a spinner on a heart pendant. Perfect for Valentine's Day or any day for that matter! Especially wonderful for those newly in love or questioning whether or not they are in love!!
It's often difficult to find something for a guy, especially something red. I have this little vintage advertising pocket knife in my shop which would be great for a guy. It's in my shop "Victorian Visions by Nanalee." You flip a lever which you then slide and a blade slides out. Perfect little pocket knife for your glove box or pocket. Handy.
Mamta has these lovely crocheted red hearts which you can use just about anywhere! Pop one in the lunch bag; pin one to your lapel; sew a few of them on your blue jeans. The possibilities are endless. Bright red hearts are always "in."
This heart frame by MyInnerPrincess is so pretty. Perfect for Valentine's Day or any other day. Show your love by presenting this lovely gift.
I found 36 pages of items by team members of Hoarders Unite today. There are all kinds of wonderful goodies for your perusal and possible purchase! Do a search of "All Items" and then type in "hoardersuniteteam" and you will be given a list of the items by all of the members, not just those I've featured here. And, Happy Valentine's Day!!

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