Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hello fellow Hoarders. I have closed my two Etsy shops. Shocking...even to myself. I have an illness including chronic pain and cannot keep up with all the demands on the time when I am able to do things. Ever since we moved here three years ago, the house has been untidy. Piles of craft supplies, piles of things to sell, boxes here there and everywhere. Quite frankly, I'm tired of it. Tired of the house being untidy due to my projects and my inventory. The house is too small to store all of the above mentioned in proper closets or drawers. So, the decision, which I did not make lightly, was to get rid of the clutter, i.e., by closing the shops.

While I enjoyed every bit of having a shop, well 2 shops, online, I once again have reinvented myself and my priorities. It could also possibly have to do with the recent familial events which required me to be away from home for three weeks, one week at a time. I need to be feeling as good as I can to help my family when needed and not worry about closing and opening my shops so much. That's not good for business...

Another by product of this new outlook is that I will no longer a Hoarder be... I am being ruthless. Really ruthless. The charity shops will be loving me! I think I will spread it out and not give all to one particular shop. Help everyone instead of just one.

Therefore, I may no longer be a card toting member of Hoarders Unite but, I'm staying a member because :
  • Rome wasn't built in a day
  • I like you guys and want to stay in touch
  • I'm still going to buy on Etsy
  • And I might have withdrawals as I destash and need support, LOL!!
I must now apologize for this post being "all about me." 



  1. Best of luck to you, Nancy. Life gets this way sometimes and it sounds like you have your priorities well in hand.

    Good luck!

  2. We definitely still want you to be part of the team. This team originated as an Etsy Street Team, but I feel that that is only a part of our existence. We can exist outside of Etsy as well, especially since some sell in other venues such as Artfire and 1000 Markets, etc...

    Best of luck with all your endeavors!

  3. Thank you, both! I feel good about things.