Friday, April 9, 2010

Regarding Blogs and Removal of Same

I just deleted one of my blogs yesterday after printing it out. I remembered that Sandi made a post about not being able to delete her blog so thought I would post how to do it. One thing I have noticed is that we cannot block and delete or block and copy and I had been wanting to save the blog posts on a particular blog I have because it is "my book." So, wanting to preserve it, I hadn't deleted it yet.

Yesterday I signed on to the particular blog and printed the pages out, but it was a cumbersome job and wasteful because it printed out my posts but also every chapter that was printed printed out the heading and the sidebars, too. I think I should have gone to "edit blog posts" and printed from that. Maybe I would have printed only the post itself and not the extraneous stuff.

Then, after I printed all of it, still in the layout portion of that particular blog, i.e., the one I want to delete, I chose "settings." On the settings page there is a line at the top that asks "export" "import" and "delete." I chose delete and voila! My blog is now gone.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to delete their BLOGSPOT blog.

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