Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Did you know that there are some super great ideas and tips on Etsy about team building? I did, but had not taken full advantage of this knowledge up to now. Today, I did a little poking around the Etsy Team Guides section.

  • I added our team blog to the Etsy Team Blog Ring.
  • I added our team blog address to my Etsy shop page.
  • I read this creative team marketing article on the Storque
  • I got some ideas to discuss in our upcoming team chat
  • I am wondering how we might make our own holiday gift guide
I want to thank Mamta for stepping up as the promotions coordinator for the team. I hope that our efforts will soon pay off in increased membership and increased sales for all members.

Happy Hoarding!


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  1. I humbly apologize for not writing the blog post today. I'm feeling pretty miserable and we were gone. I am going to the doc tomorrow so maybe I'll start feeling better. Cold? Flu? Sinus? All of the above?