Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am excited to introduce to you Hoarders Unite team member, Mamta! Mamta has an Etsy shop by the same name, which means “maternal love” in Hindi. She creates things in the same manner a mother creates her babies – out of love.

Mamta creates all types of crafts, including crochet, paper crafts, beading, flower making, clay crafts, metal crafts and, macram̩. She would need quite a hoard of craft supplies for all of those interests! Mamta first gains inspiration from something she sees Рa photo in a book, an object of nature, a dream, maybe just an idea, then goes on to create her concept using her intuition.

Crafting since she was a young girl, Mamta recalls decorating her entire kindergarten class, and covering her books with colourful drawings and stickers. She hasn’t stopped crafting since!

I asked Mamta to describe her craft supply hoard. She has all types of beads, (paper, metal, glass, ceramic), jewelry findings, colorful papers, paints, antiques, semi precious stones, books and almost every type of yarn. She also has lots of unfinished projects, some 15 to 20 years old! In addition to craft supplies, Mama also hoards clothes, shoes, old letter, cards and gifts from friends, newspaper cuttings, bottles, chocolate wrappers, and plastic bags – anything that she can make art from.

The most precious item Mamta is hoarding is a doll named Dolly, a birthday gift from her father on her 9th birthday. Dolly’s eyes are broken, her face has dark marks, and she is almost bald. Dolly has been with Mamta through good days and bad, and Mamta finds it impossible for the two to part.

Most hoarders will hold onto something that others might think has little value. For Mamta, it’s old shoes and her old college books. She’s keeping the shoes as they are still in good shape (you never know when they might come back in fashion!). As for the books, she has plans to use them for making paper mache items – some day!

Mamta’s advice for other hoarders is to marry a man with a big house and a lot of patience! She did just that. Mamta, her husband Raaj and their pet turtle, Dhinglei, live in Mumbai, India.

Mamta is a full-time designer who left corporate life to make a career in designing. Her other hobbies include martial arts, gardening, reading, music and organizing and managing events. Being so busy, you’d think she couldn’t possibly have any spare time, but she has just volunteered to organize a number of promotional events for the Hoarders Unite team!

Hoarding is Mamta’s mantra to stay calm in her chaotic life. Being surrounded by her hoard makes her feel secure that she has all she needs to make life in this world beautiful and meaningful. She loves being creative and giving away the things that she makes, knowing that her gifts provide good vibes and love. Of course, the more she gives away, the more she needs to accumulate!

Photos above:
Mamta is currently working on this fabulous crochet evening dress.
An interesting piece of art Mamta made from her hoard.
Part of Mamta's hoard.

Mamta has a total of four Etsy shops: (clothing, art, jewelry, supplies and embellishments) (pictures and paper goods) (soft toys and plush items) (Mamta’s and other team member's creations and supplies)

Mamta also has four blogs:
craft blog:
etsy team India blog:
chit chat with my soul blog:


  1. What a nice article about Mamta, Trudy! I enjoyed learning about her. Do you sleep, Mamta? LOL!

  2. Thanks Trudy. This is such a wonderful article. You really did a great job of writing about me. I love it n I think I'm going to spread the word around now.

  3. Nancy, Lol. Yeah, I do sleep but whenever I want to, sometimes less, sometimes more. But I think the ratio of "less" is always more as compared to "more". Ha Ha Ha.