Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get Organized!

It’s great that so many Hoarders Unite members have joined the team new year’s resolution challenge! Probably none of us would be surprised to see that the common theme for many of the new year’s resolutions is getting the craft room organized. We all know that to get organized, we need to make a plan, keep like items together, and put things away when we’re finished with them. Here are a few other ideas on how to be better organized.

If you haven’t done so already, invest in a labeler, so you know what is in that shoe box or file folder without having to open it.

Attach wire baskets to an inexpensive bookcase, for storing bulkier craft items such as yarn.

Running out of space? Hang it!

Attach a plastic wall file holder (the kind you can get at an office supply store) next to your main work area, and use it for your project sketches or the small craft supplies that you need for your current project.

Keep photos or drawings of your ideas in a binder or photo album, so you can look through them more easily. Organize into sections.

Store ribbon in lidded plastic containers, such as those that sour cream or yogurt come in. Cut a small hole in the lid so the ribbon can be pulled out as needed

If you have a lot of supplies (who doesn’t?), organize a bit at a time. Spending 15 or 20 minutes a day could be more productive in the long run than trying to do it all in a weekend.

Personalize your space – make it comfortable and pretty!
Resist the urge! Donate, give to another crafter or throw out what you won’t use. This includes unfinished projects that you know you’ll never get to. Not likely to happen, I know, but I’m just saying …

Add your ideas for organizing the craft room!

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  1. I love the organization in the bottom photo. Maybe DH would build me something similar! Right...