Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Auction Find

Nancy has just pointed us to some great resources for inspiration, to help us use up some of our hoarded craft supplies. There were so many good suggestions, I thought I better go out and stock up on more supplies so I don’t run out! I just have to share with you the terrific auction lot of sewing supplies I won this week.

There were boxes, tins and baskets of everything imaginable and it took me all Saturday to go through it (and I’m still not totally finished – I want to stretch out the fun). There were patterns old and new; rotary cutters (three); punches (two); a pile of quality felt pieces in every colour of the rainbow; pounds of assorted buttons (some with a retail price of $3.99 each); lace; zippers and thousands of snaps; assorted embellishments; seam rippers and tape measures. Well, you get the picture – the entire contents of someone’s lovely sewing room. The photos below don’t even begin to display all that was included!

Here is a very small part of what I am keeping: more than 70 spools of thread; 21 bobbins also with thread; a quilter’s ruler; many packages of rick rack and seam binding.   Check out the telescopic magnet – great for picking up pins from the floor! Where am I going to put it all?

I gave my crafty daughter all of the beads (glass, plastic; small and tinier), sequins, buttons and googly eyes (three sizes). That should keep her and the girls busy for awhile.

I gave my Mom some of the yarn, and will give more to my sister-in-law, who does a lot of charity knitting.

My favourite local thrift store gets the patterns, more yarn, knitting needles, and lots of miscellaneous:

And the best part? It cost me, including taxes and the auction buyer’s premium, a grand total of $6.44!  It can't get much better than that!

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  1. What a find! Congrats to you. Made my heart beat faster thinking about it... Any hoarder can relate to your excellent find of more items to hoard...and to use, of course! And you are sharing, how nice is that?