Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Are you having "after Christmas" doldrums? I think I am. I've been doing a few things but have slowed wayyyyy down. I knitted two hats of the four requested after the grandchildren opened their gifts and the parents saw the hats and scarves and put in orders! I have requests for two scarves, too.  I guess the weather has contributed to my funk. It snowed last week, a lot, and it was beautiful. But it has melted and the rain came and it's dreary looking outside.

DH has a bad cold and I'm feeling sorta iffy, like maybe this scratchy throat and runny nose might be a sign that this bad cold is going to be mine tomorrow. Ho hum.

Sorry for the "woe is me" -- it's not really a "woe is me" it's more like I can't think of anything to write this week and my energy level won't conjure up anything better!! So, I do apologize; I hope you are all doing well; I hope you are not having the doldrums; and as always, HAPPY SALES TO YOU!!

PS-How are you doing on the challenges?


  1. Sorry you're feeling blue, Nancy. Winter does that, doesn't it? Maybe creating something "blue" for your challenge will pick you up. Or maybe having a nap! I'm working a bit on both challenges - off work this week and next, so should make good progress.

  2. Um...I keep meaning to get to them. My hoarding and procrastination tendencies are uniting this week. :)

  3. I am feeling doldrums also. However, I have knitted one charity hat for the next month's project, and have taken a few photos of my sewing area and begun to try to sort it out into organized and tidy space. Hope you are feeling more energized soon.

  4. Well, the 'blue' I was feeling was probably because I was getting sick. I've spent two days in bed now with little breaks in between to nibble on something. I have checked my shops and though I'm out of commission my little shops are still chugging along selling things! Anyway, thanks for the comments and good wishes. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better...