Sunday, January 17, 2010

Looking for Inspiration

How is your progress coming on the current challenges? Nancy’s January challenge is to make somethingblue. I’ve met that challenge (and will post photos as soon as I can lay my hands on the camera). I liked this challenge – it’s a different way to focus on a project, and I came up lots of blue ideas! I wonder what February’s colour will be?

My challenge to the team was to complete one new year’s resolution (with a hoarder or craft focus) by Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to post your completed photos on the team yahoo site no later than February 14.

Considering this second challenge is the one I came up with, I’m surprised at how much trouble I am having with it! My personal resolution was to come up with a small, functional item that I could make and include as a thank you to my customers. Sounds easy, right? Well, I’ve gone through a lot of ideas, and discarded them all for various reasons: too time consuming, too costly, too boring.

I think I have a mental block about this project. I’ve put on some motivational music; I've played with bits of interesting fabric. I’ve browsed through my craft books and lots of internet craft sites. And I’ve yet to come up with something that’s just right.

On those occasions when you’re lacking crafting inspiration, what do you do? Where do you go to get a project on track? Do you admit defeat, or do you store an unfinished project away, to be completed “some day”?


  1. I finished my blue also. A hat for me! After all those hats for others, it was fun to make one for myself. I will post photos soon on the group page.

  2. You two are inspiring me... I've been doing my Trudy Challenge, i.e., cleaning and organizing my workroom. Yikes! Have an idea for the Blue project, but it might be cheating so I don't know if I'll do it or not.