Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I thought it would be fun to feature some spring colored items from the Hoarders Unite Team.

This is a bracelet by Juliesparklybits. Very pretty, Julie. I love the soft colors and I love the look of having so many items on the bracelet.

Here is a clothespin bag from GenevaDesigns. So colorful and with cute mushrooms all over it. I used to love hanging the clothes out to dry. Now I don't have a place to do that. I remember how good the clothes smell after hanging out to dry.

MyInnerPrincess offers these beautiful hooks. I just love the colors! Gorgeous!                             


And here is a definite sign of spring, a lilac colored sundress! Could you make that in my size, please? This adorable dress made for an 18" doll comes from Whoaitsme.


Well, I had to add one of my things... It's a spring banner for your cubicle at work or ??? You decide. It is made with vintage cards. Oh, its in my shop, Nanalee.
This is a very springy card made by idreaminink. I'm sure we're all thinking about our flower pots and wondering if its too early to plant them. Nice card!
I hope you enjoyed the little romp through some of the items made by team members. If you'd like to see more, go to Etsy, do a search in the "buy" section and type in "hoarders-uniteteam." You'll find all kinds of goodies from our talented members!

PS~I've never been on a front page...sniff, sniff. But my congratulations to ALL who have! How awesome!