Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Katy, of Girl Industries fame, is one of our members. I read her blog and she mentioned a project whereby a guy is collecting giraffes. Drawings or ?? of giraffes. He told his friend that he thought he could gather 1 million giraffes by 2011. So he has a website and he has posted a "Giraffe of the Day" since he started this project. Some of these giraffes are amazing! There are rules but anyone can contribute to the project.

Here is the link for the website about the project and where you can see some of these giraffes:
There have been 607,425 photos of various giraffes received so far. There are 302 days left. 

Here is the link for the rules:

Basically the rules are that you cannot use your computer to make the giraffe but you can use any other way or form. (You will use the computer to send the giraffe to him, though.)

Here is the giraffe of the day for #265.

And day #264.

This is the Giraffe of the Day #259.

As you can see, people are being very creative. You will be amazed at the cleverness and maybe you will want to use some of your hoarded goodies to make a giraffe. You might be the honorable Giraffe of the Day! I'm planning to make one and I'll post it here for you to see once it has been completed.


  1. That is really neat! I love #264

  2. what a fun project! Giraffes make me smile. Why is that?

    Julie :)