Friday, March 5, 2010

Etsy Front Page News!

Well, fellow craft supply hoarders, it seems it does pay to hold onto those items! Because, if you have enough vintage stash, you might be able to create a unique item that will wow the powers that be (AKA: the front page assimilators) on Etsy and land yourself right on the FRONT PAGE.

That is just what Marilyn of Such and Sort did yesterday with her Super Shabby Zipper Fabric Cuff. See it, right there in row 2? I ran across it by accident last night. I was closing down the computer for the night, and I just did a quick refresh of Etsy for the sake of inspirational dreams, and I was compelled to click on this zippery cuff. I didn't even realize it was a shop I knew until I was at the shop looking at the item. Then, I went (in my mind, of course) "Hoppin' Hoopleheads! That is suchandsort's item...and she is a member of the team!!"

Happily, I caught a screenshot, but I am using the shot from Craft Cult for purposes of this post. Congratulations, Marilyn! (now you can add this so very cool badge (above left) on your product page. There are a few styles from which to choose. Get the badge (here).

You can also view the screenshot and information on CraftCult in The Vault (here). If anybody else wants to share this screenshot and information on their blog, go to CraftCult and grab this widget.

Who will be next?


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  1. thank you! i was so excited to see my cuff on the front page---thanks so much, Naturewithme for helping me, and letting me know--and putting 'me' here! ;>)
    --and a thanks to my other team mate, OceanAvenueSilks for creating this great treasury.

    marilyn g