Monday, March 8, 2010

Etsy Front Page Club

Our team has hit a wonderful stride lately, with a growing number of front page features. I found the other day that we can now add ElephantWalk to that distinguished list of Etsy Front Pagers. Her Miniature Snow White Necklace made it to the front page on February 27.

The Etsy Front Page Club. Congratulations, ElephantWalk on becoming an honorary member of the club!

Get the screenshot from CraftCult if you want to share it on your own blog or web page.

Now, the question for the group is: How do we convert front pages and an explosion of shop views into SALES? This economy is tough, tough, tough, and it is an even bigger struggle to convert views to sales than in the past. We will explore this further in the coming months. Meanwhile, good luck to all team members on a higher sales year in 2010.


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